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The Ultimate MSP Contract Pack

An Urgent Warning To
ALL Managed Services Providers:

If You Are Supporting Your Clients' Networks, Critical Operations, And Data Without A Signed Contract – Or With The Wrong Contract – You Are Putting Yourself At Enormous Risk!

"Ultimate MSP Contract Pack" not only gives you contract guidelines and form templates that are specific to managed services, but also training on how to use them to close sales faster, avoid client confusion about what you are delivering, and command greater respect from your clients.

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on how to use these templates to close more MSP contracts.

Don't lose everything you've worked so hard to achieve in a frivolous lawsuit! These MSP templates and training audios will not only help you to develop contracts to close MORE managed services contracts faster and easier than you have in the past, but they will also help you...
  • Protect your company from frivolous (and devastating) lawsuits and the liability that is naturally assumed when you have access to and support your clients' data and operations.
  • Help you instantly establish a higher level of trust, professionalism, and authority with your clients.
  • Close sales faster and easier by eliminating the client's fear of contracts.
  • Protect you from getting sued for faulty 3rd party hardware and software that you installed.
  • Develop 7 critical legal terms you need to know and use in every single client and vendor engagement contract to avoid being burned.
  • Help you understand contract language so you aren't embarrassed in an important client or vendor meeting.
  • Shorten the time between the signing of your agreement and the delivery (and payment) of services.
  • Help you clarify the deliverables of your Managed Services program in the client's mind to avoid disappointments, misunderstandings, arguments, and ultimately, disgruntled clients.
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Yes! Please sign me up for the Ultimate MSP Contract Pack so I can learn how to use a contract to avoid frivolous lawsuits and judgments, as well as to close managed services sales faster, easier, and more professionally.

I understand that the materials provided in this package are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute individualized legal, tax, financial or accounting advice. I understand that the review and/or use of these documents do not establish any form of attorney-client relationship between you and Phillips & Reiter, PLLC.

Before implementing any of these documents, you should consult qualified legal, tax, financial or accounting counsel to determine the current law and how it may apply to your particular situation, city, or state.

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What MSPs Are Saying About Greg:

"I've Recommended This Product To Other Business Owners"

"Although I'm part of a national franchise that provides contracts to me, I didn't feel they were quite as comprehensive as I'd like; that's why I took Robin up on her offer and signed up for the MSP Contracts package. So far, the material in this has proven to be invaluable. It's exactly how I want to go forward with my business and has given me the exact outline for what to include and not include in a managed services offering to my clients. As soon as my attorney reviewed them and gave them his blessing, I implemented them.

They have been a huge value and I've recommended this product to other business owners and the CMIT system as well. I can't imagine anyone running a really good legitimate managed services business without the contracts and training Robin has provided in the MSP Contracts product."
Beth Burnside, CMIT Solutions of Fairview, PA

"Wow! This Guy Knows His Stuff!"

"I first heard Greg on a teleconference call with Robin Robins, then again at a conference Robin sponsored. Wow! This guy knows his stuff! He's an erudite, well spoken attorney who doesn't get hung up with legal stuff. At least not with a lay person like myself. He practices the fine art of "plain English", and making the legal issues surrounding contracts and issues to protect my clients and my company. I had already worked hard to produce a great set of contracts but Greg made two clarifications that made my contracts even better. Greg clearly knows how to put together a contract that is fair and balanced so it doesn't become an obstacle to the sale of the contract; and in fact, is a useful tool to show my client that I'm better prepared and have thought the process through than a potential competitor who is happy with a simple month to month "handshake" contract."
David Bennett, President, Connections for Business

"There Is Huge Value With This Product"

"I'm a customer of the Technology Marketing Toolkit and I also recently purchased the MSP contracts . I have a great Technology/IP lawyer who I really trust. He reviewed this package and made virtually no changes to core agreement. I believe there is huge value with this product."
Joshua Barneck, Fusion Networks LC

"JUST What I Was Looking For"

"I just purchased the MSP Contracts and I have to say this is JUST what I was looking for. This is going to be a great starting point for our new business and I'm excited that you and Robin have come up with this great product. Keep up the great job!"
Ted G. Freitas, CEO, NetPAS, Inc.